Who is Colanuts?

Johan (°1970)

Johan van Mierlo

Johan started collecting in the summer of 1982, while being on vacation in Spain where at that time the FIFA World Cup soccer was held and of which Coca-Cola was one of the main sponsors.

The collection started with 3 cans and 2 glass bottles…

Since then his collection grown up to over 5000 Coca-Cola bottles. Cans are no longer a part of the collection but the +2000 cans once collected are kept in storage.

Further on Johan collects Coca-Cola pins (yet over 3000 pins) and many more Coca-Cola items he likes just as they are.

Sandrina (°1972)

Sandrina Van Handenhove

In 1987 Sandrina had to make a school project. For this she choose Coca-Cola as the theme.

While being on vacation in Italy she bought some miniature Coca-Cola cans and bottles to use for the project… and this is how her collection started.

Since then she specialized more into Coca-Cola drinking glasses of which she now has over 3000. Sandrina also collects Coca-Cola pitchers, cookie jars and many more Coca-Cola items which are great, unusual, funny or just special.

But miniature bottles and glasses are still on here Coca-Cola favourites list.